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The Chimera (2021)

Real-time 3D simulation


The Chimera (2021) series are digital sculptural artworks created by  different parts of human organs. Each art piece is an explorative journey in computer modeling at the beginning. The artist composes and connects every element by computer coding based on the general shape he explored and created. To make them operate under the circulatory and random system, the formed structure and the regulating orders between elements are like the image and rhythm  in the poem, composing the digital and the  poetic structural body.


This series is the continuity from the Cyborg-Frankenstein (2020), the first chapter of Tender Story (2020).  “Chimera”  is the word representing the griffin in Greek myth. And in biomedicine, the phenomenon of the mixture of at least four groups of DNA inside the human body is called “Chimera”. Hence, “Chimera” is also recognized as the inosculation which can be regarded as the imaginative product of combining organic and inorganic, referring to a closed logic in virtuality. It is the poetic derivation of the decomposition of the human body.


The artist questions about the boundary of life, the limitation of power, the relationship of identity  under the continuous developments of the technology by decomposing and imagining through the origin of the human body.

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