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Delegater-XX (2019)
Real-time 3D simulation intallation

“Delegater”is a 3D simulation. As a“digital material”, it has capabilities of precepting and memorizing in its mainbody.

Based on computing logics, it perceives the situated environments by capturing the information of surrounding images and sounds. And then, through utilizations of extracting of these information and self-controlling of its growth, it simulates a growth method like the cellula. It can also memorize its shapes and continuously evolves basing on the previous version after restarts.

“XX” is the pronoun for the undiscovered space.

When“Delegater”is installed in this space, it unites with the space into a unity and becomes the core residing inside the space.  To explore and create the possibilities of“digital material”,“Delegater”majorly centers on the information transfer, subjectivity, light-interaction and mechanical visons, through the constructions and simulations of the physical attributions.


Delegater-D10 (2019)
Real-time 3D simulation intallation

Delegater-D10 is a simulation installation integrated with the wasted house, marked as "D10", in the Guangzhou Airport Biennale.
The main body of the simulation is located in the center of the hose and the capturing devices are located inside the house, in the yard and in the alley. They are building the system to offer “nutriments” from objects existed and entered in the space.
Hence, when the audience are watching and listening, they are also being observed and heard. 
The wasted house becomes an empty shell when all the original objects have been moved out. When it has been integrated with "Delegater", the computer, screens, audios, microphones, cameras, stands and wires have become its organs, skeletons and blood vessels. “Delegater”is the core, united with the house, possessing abilities of breathing and exhaling.

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