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The Olive Dream (2018)

19:10 HD video with 5.1 surround sound, 11 min. 9 sec.


The Olive Dream is a single-screen real-time 3D video.

Adopting a futuristic view, the video uses synthesized voice to explore the impact of technology on social structure in our age.

The camera tracks the movement of a olive through 3 different scenes. Inspired by the last scene in the movie Zabriskie Point (1970), the first scene features the birth of nothingness in a consumeristic style;

The second scene, where most of the narration takes place, centers on a reconstruct city;

The last scene, which is the last stop in the movement track of the golden olive, symbolizes abstract history. Olive is originated from the economist Dong Fureng’s concept of a olive-shaped society consisting mostly of middle class.

Based on this concept, The Olive Dream is a literary expression incorporating both image and voice. Concluding with a famous line from Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities (1859), the narration highlights the conflicts of an age.

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