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Hypothesis (2016)


Hypothesis mix painting, image, text, narration, graph and translator. Inspired by Stefan Zweig’s Decisive Moments in History (1927), it is created by making use of elements symbolic of various countries, for example, national flag, anthem, architecture, and language.

It tears down and re-constructs existing structures. Mixed with imagination, it forms an imaginary “centrifugal narrative”.


Secondary Rainbow (2016)

Video01: 16:10 HD video with sound, 3 min. 18 sec.

Video02: HD video installation with sound, 6 min.


Secondary Rainbow constitutes the architecture section of Hypothesis.

It is a virtual galaxy made up of over 200 stars of various shapes presented through 3D modelling.

Each of the star represents one symbolic architecture of a country.

They are then restructured through 3D models and form a new structure similar to the shape of a star. They are placed in a virtual space according to a certain order. The arrangement of their position is derived from the structure of international organizations, regional culture and geopolitics. Combined with the concept of real galaxy, it produces a complex. Usually appearing behind a rainbow, the secondary rainbow is the result of the light being reflected twice in water drops. In this work, if all countries over the world like a rainbow, then the Secondary Rainbow is its virtual reflection. The work is presented through a single-screen and a multi-screen video installation. The single-screen video presents images of several major stars and a concluding narrative of the virtual galaxy, while the multi-screen video installation presents the appearance of each star to be shown on the 45 smaller screen simultaneously.

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