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Unclaimed Land (2017)


Unclaimed Land is a series of real-time 3D simulations made possible by 3D modelling, animation technology and computer programming. By simulating and adjusting the logic and structure of the real world, the series of simulations create a new set of rule models which operate perpetually in a virtual world.


Unclaimed Land-1 (2017)

Real-time 3D simulation


Unclaimed Land-1 is inspired by the increasing contests among countries to seize resources. By making use of 3D topographic scanning technology, this simulation reproduces an oil field in California.

In the middle of the simulated oil filed, a game is going on. The winner of each round can change the color of one set of pumping unit into the color of its flag.

The pumping unit, street lamps, conference table, score board and gambling machine form an absurd and mysterious scene.

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