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Unclaimed Land (2017)


Unclaimed Land is a series of real-time 3D simulations made possible by 3D modelling, animation technology and computer programming. By simulating and adjusting the logic and structure of the real world, the series of simulations create a new set of rule models which operate perpetually in a virtual world.


Unclaimed Land-2 (2017)

Real-time 3D simulation

Inspiration for Unclaimed Land-2 comes from the boats which the refugees travelled in to get to the land of security.

A life tent, which is a simulation of the heart, is searching for a mooring port in a endless sea.

There are altogether 31 ports, corresponding to the 31 cities which agree to receive refugees.

The operation time for the whole set of simulation is one hour, during which if the life tent fails to reach the destination, its light of hope will extinguish permanently and it will be trapped in the sea.

The simulation restarts every one hour. In the meantime, it will keep records of the result from the last operation.

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